Return of The Daisycutters

Melodic indie-rockers The Daisycutters cut an impressive swathe through the Gold Coasts’ original music scene in the late 90s and on through the 2000s. Delivering a stack of memorable, Brit influenced alt-rockin’ goodness of the ilk of ‘Between The Buildings’, ‘Kiss Me Stupid’ and ‘Sick Day’, the band burnt bright then faded from the scene for a number of years, before resurfacing last year to reintroduce themselves to live audiences. Front man and guitarist Cam Wilson recently took time out to bring us up to speed on exactly what the band have been up to, what brought them out of hiatus and what the future holds in the world of The Daisycutters.

So where have you guys been all this time – did the band actually cease to exist, or was it a case of being on extended hiatus?

The band never stopped – we just got tired of playing. We kind of felt like we were just going through the motions – like four hamsters on a wheel. We’d been together for so long (we formed in 1997) and we’d never really stopped in all of that time. As we’ve gotten older it’s only natural that priorities change. Suddenly touring and playing relentlessly becomes less appealing than it once was. It was actually really great to spend time with each other outside of the band.

What was the catalyst for you guys reconnecting musically and starting to play shows again?

We got asked to play a show in Brisbane last year – that’s all it took!! It felt right to be playing live again. And refreshingly, we were still really good at it!

Did it take a while to dust off the cobwebs and hit your musical stride again when rehearsing for the recent live shows? 

It was like we’d never stopped! We did rehearse a set because we were so out of practice, which we never used to do. Previously we’d just throw a set together backstage and go out and play it! We’re lucky though – when you’ve been playing together for as long as we have, it all becomes pretty instinctive. That’s not to say we don’t have our moments – hopefully you’ll only hear these ‘avant garde jazz moments’ in the rehearsal room 🙂

I recall your song ‘Sick Day’ being used on a TV commercial in the 90’s. How did that come about? I imagine it may have been a bit lucrative?

We got lucky that’s for sure – which has happened a couple of times for us. Mastercard wanted a song for their summer campaign and someone from our Publishing company (Mushroom) suggested ‘Sick Day’, the right set of ears heard it and off we went! Yeah we did ok out of it. It paid for the recording of three albums, so we were very fortunate. It was, and still is, weird to see where a song I wrote on a Sunday night on a couch in Southport ended up, and the places it took us.

As well as playing live again, are you guys also back in song writing and recording mode?

Yeah we are starting to work on some new material. There are no concrete plans just yet, but the prospect of recording has been discussed quite a bit in the band room lately, so you never know.

Any plans in place yet for 2020 in the world of The Daisycutters?

More shows for sure, then we’ll see. Last year we dipped our toes back into the water, now we’re in up to our knees…maybe we’ll get our hair wet next year 🙂

Be sure to catch The Daisycutters when they tear up the stage at Vinnies Dive on Friday 20 December, supported by Buffy Prescott and James Bondage And The Safewords. And seeing as it’s a Friday night, you can let your hair down without the need for a Sick Day afterwards.

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