REVIEW: Alithia | To the Edge of Time

If you aren’t a fan of extended musical interludes and music that creates a soundscape transcending you to a different frame of mind then don’t bother reading this review and go listen to pop rock FM instead.

Recorded in Budapest, Hungary this Melbourne based 5 piece have delivered an atmospheric prog rock beast of an album with stand out tracks: Thirteen Revelations, Tribulations Rise and Here I Am.

Their sound has been dubbed astral space core by their peers, but for the unenlightened; imagine a supergroup made out of the guitarists from A Perfect Circle and Muse, the keyboardist from Faith No More, and the bass player of Manic Street Preachers jamming Pink Floyd and Rush covers whilst drunk on cognac.

The music Alithia creates is intelligent, creative, and emotional. They take you on a sonic journey and don’t let up until the end. Peppered with ambient highs and lows and spoken word sections reminiscent of Mike Patton, this is a masterful album that showcases amazing songwriting and musicianship.

It isn’t a collection of singles. To the End of Time deserves to be listened to from start to finish, preferably with a glass of merlot and an open mind.

I’ll have to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrical content as I was more enraptured with the singers voice. (name unknown- couldn’t find any member’s names online)

It perfectly accompanies the music and he sounds like no other. A fresh original voice that you can’t help but be engaged by.

If you get a chance to buy this album, or to catch them live, do it. I know I will be….

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