Review: Amela | Not Enough Honey

Brisbane based songstress Amela sites bands like Fiest, Devendra Banhart and Jose Gonzales as her inspiration and her EP Not Enough Honey clearly reflects this.

Calling Me is one of those songs that stuns with its simplicity. The repetition of the line ‘I feel it’s calling me, calling me’ is laid over electric guitar riffs that reverberate. Reminiscent of Bon Iver in the way the track wraps itself around you until all you can do is lay prostrate and be captivated, this was my favourite song on the EP.

Thanks to the opening tambourine Until We Try has a gypsy rhythmic mood that makes you want to shake your hips. Again you see the range in Amela’s voice as she manages to sweep hauntingly high vocals over the track, lending it a trance-like quality.

Not Enough Honey, the title tack to the EP is a bittersweet folksy song, where the power in Amela’s voice blooms with an edge of melancholy that mixes well with the steady drum beat. One of the most energetic tracks from the EP, this is the song that showcases most Amela’s mastery of her sound. Listening to this EP reminded me of stumbling across Laura Marling years ago and, like Marling, great things lie in store for this talented singer/songwriter!







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