REVIEW: Angus & Julia Stone | Angus & Julia Stone

Having long been a fan of Angus & Julia their latest, and self-titled, album Angus & Julia Stone brought mixed feelings. Initially I found their first single Heart Beats Slow to be disconcerting, as it was a departure from their previous albums where the brother-sister duo had written and sung separately.

However I persevered and sat down with some headphones and the full album, and thank God I did! Angus & Julia Stone may be different, but it is glorious. While the pair has written together, and feature dual vocals on all songs, there is still the sense of individuality. Angus’ song Get Home is a warm lonely song with an irresistible hook, and Julia’s From The Stalls allows her voice to soar over bright harmonies and simple chord progressions. The album plays with dark and light melodies, full of plaintive and emotional vocals from the duo.

Listen to a sampler from the album:

With their trademark folk-pop sound, intermingling with a blues sound you can be thankful the duo answered producer Rick Rubin’s request to reunite. While some songs may be reminiscent of works by artists such as Neil Young, Stevie Nicks or Portishead it is hard to find an artists these days who’s music doesn’t pay homage to those gone before; and with songs like Death Defying Acts you can forgive the band for a little borrowed inspiration. This album is definitely one I am happy to add to my collection.

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