REVIEW: Bands in the Park | Youth Bands Way Too Cool For School

A fabulous day of live music was enjoyed by all ages at Broadwater Parklands, celebrating up and coming youth bands on the coast and boy, were they hot. I don’t mean that in a physical sense, well maybe I do a little bit, but seriously, I was quite blown away by the young talent we have on our doorstep and I really got the vibe that these musicians are professional, deadly serious and hungry for success.

Bands such as Electric Zebra and Double Lined Minority rocked out polished original songs with confidence, ease and maturity.  It was hard to believe they were anywhere near the ‘youth’ bracket. Other young artists impressed the crowd earlier in the day including Emma Bell, Zed Butel, Grace Drummond and Sam Harrow amongst others.

The highlight for me was the slick and stylish Double Lined Minority, Australia’s answer to Blink 182 who, after 4 years together (since High School) and a long list of credentials including supporting Smash Mouth and playing at the Big Day Out in 2012 and 2014, were tighter than a drum. Each song was fresh and well arranged with fantastic guitar riffs, heart pounding drums and a unique balance of fast and slow tempos. Originals such as White Flag and Smoke And Mirrors were crowd pleasers and their last song Hanging kept us hanging for more.

The lowlight was the plug being pulled on World Lines. Their screaming rock sound was considered ‘too heavy’ for the all ages audience. I have to agree their first song was a bit scary, even for me, but it always totally sucks when a band isn’t allowed to finish their set.

The event – supported by the Gold Coast City Council – brought together four youth organisations: Fretfest, Chain Reaction, Vibe Events and Music Venture to promote and showcase young talent they are supporting and developing through their programs.

I caught up with Vibe Event’s founder Stephanie Kaleta who scouts local high schools for talent.

Steph said, “We are always on the lookout for amazing young musicians who are on fire for music and music is their life”.

Steph talked about how important it is to find and develop talent suitable to perform at the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Steph also said “There will be music in every venue and our local talent needs to be ready for an international stage”.

With only three years to go it’s all very exciting indeed and I doubt there will be any issues.

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