REVIEW: Bobby Alu | Take It Slow

I wasn’t meant to review Bobby Alu’s CD. It was sitting on my kitchen bench to pass on to someone else – but my mum saw it and wanted to take a listen, so we did.

Quite coincidental really as both my mother and Bobby share some islander heritage. He Polynesian and she Melanesian. And there’s no mistaking Bobby’s heritage in his music. It is laid back, easy-listening, tribal and sweet.

It’s the kind of album you can play at a Christmas party knowing that the vibe will be chilled. Lima is a stand out for my mother who’s pipes up with “oooh, I see Tahitian girls swaying to this song.”

The title track, Take it Slow, where Bobby gives us all permission to be do just that, is a groovy number. The ukulele and tight percussion take centre stage here, leaving you feeling like just a little siesta.

For me, the album brings back memories of long summer days on a Filipino beach, sipping mojitos in Jamaica, swaying coconut trees in Vanuatu and the vibe you get when everything is just peachy.

Take It Slow is a sure-fire crowd pleaser and an excellent gift for hard-to-buy for family and friends. My review copy was quickly wrapped and placed under the xmas tree for mum.

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