REVIEW: Bombay Bicycle Club | So long, see you tomorrow

London’s Bombay Bicycle Club have come a long way from their joyously humble folk as their fourth studio album welcomes some anthemic, expanding sounds.

Three years since 2011’s A Different Kind of Fix, the longest gap between album releases, Bombay Bicycle Club were inflating their indie rock sound. So Long, See You Tomorrow meanwhile reaches a new apex of resonance – thanks to their first #1 record in the UK. In spite of that, Bombay Bicycle Club haven’t flipped their sound on its head, they have just grown it. Comparing Flaws, the band’s 2010 record, to So Long… is an easier task than it sounds. The group still take influence from folk legends past such as Joni Mitchell, only they induce the music with charming indie melodies that no other band could pull off.

First single Carry Me begins with an infectious synth line and carefully overdubbed vocals that lead to an explosive riff. Of course, with a song like Carry Me or the melodious Luna, could not have been pulled off by the band until now. If you’ve ever wondered why the UK band is called Bombay Bicycle Club, then Feel may give you some light answers. The edgy “Bombay inspired” keyboard in the song is possibly the most adventurous song to date. Come to Me is also another track which screams change for the band. The droning guitar riff gives Bombay Bicycle Club’s first taste of shoegaze which then becomes part of the song’s backdrop. So Long, See You Tomorrow is another gigantic leap of development for the UK group. It doesn’t matter if they can find a way to top this record, so long as BBC continue to advance I’ll remain a listener.

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