Review: Brazouka @ Jupiter’s Theatre

A fiery whirlwind of sexy dips and twirls punctuate a storyline filled with gods, ambition and Billy Connolly’s questionably sexy voice.

Brazouka was created by Pamela Stephenson-Connolly and Arlene Phillip, which explains why Billy’s unmistakable voice provided the narration, although it comes as quite a shock to hear a deep Scottish accent when you are surrounded by the vibrancy of a Brazilian dance show.

Brazouka follows the life story of Braz Dos Santos, a boy who grows up in a small fishing village in Brazil. The storyline is quite irrelevant  to the experience of the show as a whole. The main character is not an actor, but a dancer telling his own life story; it is because of this that the development of story and the main characters acting performance is lacking, and at times a bit awkward.

What it lacks in storytelling, Brazouka makes up for with the inescapable energy that radiates from the dancers, as they thrash around the stage mixing the classic Lambazouk style dance with Capoeira martial arts and the sexy Lambada.

For the entire show, each movement was thrown out to the audience with wild passion and a cheeky smile. The atmosphere was racy and exciting and with the average age of the audience sitting around the 65 mark, I was waiting for the right flash of the dancers lingerie to set off the pacemakers of the oldies in front of me so I could get a better seat.

The female Brazilian dancers made Victoria’s Secret models look like Shrek.

The music was an interesting collection of classic Lambazouk style songs mixed with modern pop songs restructured to fit the dance numbers. Diamonds by Rihanna made an appearance, along with Katy Perry’s Firework. Overall the show had a very impressive soundscape and score that really brought the characters to life.

The show ended with a bang and it didn’t take long for Braz Dos Santos to turn the audiences final applause and standing ovation into a seniors Zumba class, encouraging everyone to get up out of their seats and follow his own vigorous choreography.

Zambouka is infectious, energizing and mesmerizing fun for people of all ages. I’m probably not their usual audience (a 19 year old male whose dance experience rarely stretches beyond the 5 minutes of So You Think You Can Dance I watched once) but I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

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Brazouka runs until 18 January and tickets are available through Ticketek.

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