Review: Brianna Carpenter | On So it Goes

It’s been a long, dull five year wait in between releases, but Brisbane red-haired lass Brianna Carpenter is finally back with her sophomore album release On So It Goes.

Still as fun and quirky as ever, Brianna has matured her performance and sound since her days on the Australian Idol stage. This 11 track release sees the songstress fusing an array of styles; from pop, to jazz, to folk; with elegance and eccentricity.

On So It Goes is like a good old-fashioned storybook; a captivating and welcoming beginning, a climatic middle and a heart-clutching conclusion. She opens with ‘Enchante’, a romantic and welcoming ballad before unleashing In Our Hearts which was the first single to be released off the album. It’s pop, up-beat and carefree nature is sure to see you cracking a smile from the get go. We are fed anxiety with the staccato piano in Anxious and then left brokenhearted in Aches– the story of a woman who has lost all hope.

From the opening track, to the romantic themes, a xylophone appearance and the soft natured tone of her voice, I couldn’t help but notice an exquisite French theme throughout. Perhaps this has stemmed from her self-confessed people-watching pastime?

As a songwriter myself, the best albums for me are the ones that captivate my ears and inspire me to try something new. After listening to On So It Goes, I wrote a song… Good one, Brianna Carpenter.

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