REVIEW: Calan Mai | Days on the Rock Face

Calan Mai’s EP Days On The Rock Face has been a long time in the making. After a resoundingly positive response to the first single We’ve Got Love the Gold Coast local has lived up to the hype with his recent release! While lyrically most of the songs are quite dark they are balanced by lighter melodies and the waves of emotion that Calan Mai, otherwise known as Jordan Lawrence, brings vocally.

One thing that really captured the attention of my ears was the husky Australian accent Jordan sings in, which is welcome in a world where Australian artists predominantly sound American. Songs like Stomach Aches And Birthday Cakes with simple echoing melodies speak of disappointment and love, while Submarine make you want to sing ‘whoa-oh-ohh’ as you lose yourself in lyrics that are at once profound and silly. Each song on Days On The Rock Face is lovingly crafted to lead you into the next moment of melodic melancholia. However with the attention to detail that every chord holds and the overarching longing that fills Jordan’s voice you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t buy his EP.

Watch We’ve Got Love:


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