REVIEW: Chase City | I Lost Myself (Single)

This time last year, Tasmanian surf rockers Chase City were amping themselves up to play at the Marion Bay Falls Festival – an illustrious spot they’d deservedly been given thanks to Triple J Unearthed. If you need any indication of just how carefully you should be watching these guys, it’s worth noting that the Unearthed acts at Lorne and Byron Bay last year were Meg Mac and The Kite String Tangle, respectively.

Since then, the guys have played a slew of shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, their native Hobart, and more. They’ve also released their debut EP Winter Dawn which has already spawned two wonderfully sunny singles in Waves of Ours and Go Back. Now they’ve completed the trifecta with their feel-good track, I Lost Myself.

It’s a clean, uplifting number that deliciously follows the good old “quiet verse/big jam-out chorus/bridge that builds up to a climax that’s sure to get your feet moving” formula. Fans of The Jungle Giants and Loon Lake (read: those with a taste for indie rock with pop flavours) will definitely dig this one. I Lost Myself is an air-punching triumph of sparkling guitar hooks and sing-along lyrics. Simply put, this is a head bopper. You can just imagine that, when this track is performed live, everyone would be clapping along in time with the drums from the very first verse.

However, there’s a little more than meets the ear at first listen to I Lost Myself. On paper, lyrics like “I lost myself/Back at home with nothing going on/With these ghosts in my mind/My body won’t drown them out” sound pretty dark, and definitely at odds with the dizzyingly boisterous vibe of the song. Essentially, this is the musical version of that all-too-familiar human experience of feeling a bit, well, lost – and keeping up the happy-go-lucky demeanour regardless.

You can (and really, really should) catch Chase City on their summer 2015 We Lost Ourselves tour. They’re at Beach Hotel Byron on 23 January and Broadbeach Tavern on 25 January.


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