REVIEW: Dark Eyes | Half Moon Run

Dark Eyes by Canadian/Monteal band Half Moon Run is a rare and beautiful gem. An eclectic mix of indie-rock-folk electronica-psychedelica and even part classical. Hell… they pretty much defy description and genre.

Lead by the remarkable voice of Devon Portielije and harmonised by Connor Molander and Dylan Phillips perfectly, they leap and bounce (literally, as I had the absolute honour to see them live last week) from key-driven tracks She Wants To Know and Judgement to thumping drum solos and shrieks from a beautifully frantic Devon.

The uplifting cheerfulness of guitar and percussion laden Call me in The Afternoon to the sombre, beautiful moodiness of Nerve and No More Losing The War. The cryptic twisted lyrics of all time favourite Full Circle. The quivering, pleading, soaring soundscapes of Drug You and Need It.

Man. Dark Eyes is a treat. Every single song, sound, moment is special. Half Moon Run are simply, complexly, enigmatically AMAZING.

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