REVIEW: DUBFX | Theory of Harmony

The latest album release from DUBFX is called Theory of Harmony and it’s jam packed with all the depth, beats, buzzes, bass lines, delays and face-melting synths we’ve come to expect from this incredibly talented solo performer.

From the get go, you’re dropped into an ocean of sci-fi-tranced sounds with a brief intro presumably designed to assist you in shaking free the shackles of reality. From there, the dub train rolls out of the station with a selection of delicious up-vibe tracks. Actually, the whole album is of an extremely positive nature. Lyrically, DUBFX has always had a refreshingly idealistic outlook on life. Providing insightful and sincere commentary of present-day humanity and what we could all be if we work together. Some tracks are like introspective mantras;  beautifully motivating on a personal level.

From a compositional point of view, this guy is the master of half-time beats and grooves. Horn sections reminiscent of acts like Salmonella Dub, King Tubby and old school dancehall ska music. Brilliant use of delays and reverbs, take you on a sonic interstellar adventure, before dropping back to sweet, clean, soul grooves. Then onto some pure and fresh impossibly quick-drum jungle tracks. DUBFX is far from a one trick pony. It’s obvious his own musical tastes are very refined and wide. This is reflected in the variety of styles of songs.

He’s definitely expanded his production values of late. Live, with the introduction of a five-track looper and a drum machine for some tracks. In the studio, this guy has a mighty fine grasp of music production. All the sounds are clear and perfectly placed in the stereo spectrum. I’m pretty sure he does the majority of his recording at his home studio, but the quality definitely doesn’t reflect that.

Usually, I’m the kind of listener that needs to build a relationship with an album before I can rave on about it, but this one was comfortable from the first listen. Check it out if you like drum and bass, dub, bush doofs, trance, The Prodigy, UK Grime and all those sorts of things.

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