Review: DZ Deathrays | Gina works at Hearts

Brisbane thrashers DZ Deathrays shocked audiences worldwide with previous single, Northern Lights – a droning, almost shoegaze-esque, ballad that shook that DZ Deathrays formula. Now with the announcement of their sophomore record, titled Black Rat to be released 2 May, the band have also dropped Gina Works at Hearts. Take what you knew from Northern Lights, throw it out the window and empty your mind. DZ’s new track puts them behind the thrashing drums and looping, thick guitar lines again.

Yet these two new songs still have plenty in common and in a recent interview the duo said they aimed to “prove to people that we just don’t just do loud” and adding that Shane, lead vocalist and guitarist, wants to move away from screaming on Black Rat and provide, “a mashup of melodic and heavy.”

Gina Works at Hearts seems to fill that description quite perfectly where the song’s core riff acts as the heavy part and Shane’s double-tracked vocals and the chorus’ piercing guitar riff act as the track’s melodic element.

Melodic seems to be the choice word for DZ’s new track but it’s difficult not to enjoy that element of the music better than the heavier side. Shane and Simon, drums, even give some ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ their first DZ Deathrays appearance – again, the band clearly searching for more melody rather than screaming. Now with Black Rat’s release date on everybody’s calendar, we just sit back, play the waiting game and wonder what else these two thrashers have up their sleeves.

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