REVIEW: Elliots, Paging Jimi, Midnight Antics, Monkey’s Pirate, The Loft Chevron Island, 21 December 2013

It’s 21 December and I’m walking into The Loft on Chevron Island, prepared for a night of music, their specialty. The music hasn’t started yet, but the place is packed with revellers that are excited for an excellent line up. Forgoing their usual band ensemble, duo Monkey’s Pirate takes to the stage and within seconds of launching into their first song the people are swaying and cheering. With a great roots sound Jolley and Lucy, the bands lead vocalists, weave through cheeky songs about pirates, to haunting melodies like Concrete Beast, their album Oceans Between is a great buy!

As Monkey’s Pirate came to a close the next band stepped on to the stage. Local boys The Midnight Antics always get a venue rocking and The Loft was no exception. Lead singer and guitarist Evan Manttari kicked their first song, crowd favourite Penny Lane, into gear as vocalist and electric guitarist Jarryd O’Brien chimed in with his infamous rifts. Drummer Grant Butler kept people stamping their feet to the beat, while entertaining with quips and jokes in any quiet moments between songs. Crowd interaction is one of the things this band does best, joking about their mums being in the crowd as they sang I Don’t Give A Fuck Mate and getting everyone singing to Calling Out Your Name, their EP Cragsford is another necessary addition to any music lover’s collection. With a guest appearance by local blues legend Karl S. Williams, this was one of the best moments of a great night.

With a double dose of Butler and O’Brien, supergroup Paging Jimi stormed the stage and lead vocalist Scott Teelow’s husky voice resonated through The Loft. With a heavy rock presence, and smiles on their faces, the band barely paused for breath in between hit songs like Anti-Trust and the room was full of energy. Bassist Dan Aurora kept his chilled out, head-banging groove, while guitarist Nate Millz bounced off Butler and Teelow.

Headliners The Elliots, a Melbourne based indie-rock band completed the line up perfectly. Their song Warriors had the venue dancing as drinks flowed and people celebrated another great night at The Loft. Lead vocalist and guitarist Robbie Elliot lead the band through a rhythmic set that included Favourite Place and Stay, which were perfect for the party atmosphere that filled the venue. Bringing the night to a close with a bang, and not just on the drums, it is safe to say that The Loft knows how to put on a show and if you don’t find these bands at a venue near you, you need to find a new venue.

Photo courtesy Pause Photography.

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