REVIEW: Espial at The Gold Coast Arts Centre

Espial showcases the work of Studio Art Major and Honours graduates from the Bachelor of Digital Media at the Gold Coast Queensland College of Art under the tutorship of Dr Laini Burton. The artworks exhibited are the culmination of the student artists’ studies and are intelligent and observant inquiries into the quandaries of modern life.

Espial is a raw and inhibited exploration of the possibilities of an artistic practice. Through a variety of media, sophisticated techniques and technologies the exhibition encompasses issues such as the legitimisation of ‘illegal’ art, identity politics hinged on religious, personal, social and technological connectedness, and the challenges being brought forth in this age of the Anthropocene. What is revealed serves as a poignant reminder of the potential for art to draw innovative conclusions while inviting open dialogue. 

The intimate number of artists makes for a particularly friendly and small-scale exhibition. Placed at well-spaced intervals, the artworks are provided with room to assert themselves while still corresponding with each other.

Overall, Espial is a pleasure of an exhibition to experience. This meritorious group of artists offers not only the opportunity to discover a new generation of artist practitioners but exemplifies the innovative talent that the Gold Coast arts scene has on show.

Photo: Perlin Emanation by Jason Haggerty

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