REVIEW: Espresso Moto Café and Bikeworks

Shop 2/1389 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach.

Palmy natives keep your eyes open. There’s a new kid that has motored onto your block and is providing some great coffee-related times with a difference.

Opening just a week ago, Espresso Moto is already attracting a lot of attention. Boasting an open, fresh and bright interior the café aims for transparency from the La Marzocco coffee machine up front to the open area kitchen finishing with the Suzuki motorbike sitting as live art behind glass down the back. Espresso Moto is helmed by Shannon, Jordan, Nikki and Bubbles, couples and friends from Cairns who love the GC coffee scene and decided to have a crack at combining their two loves: coffee and motorbikes. Looking to do something different, Espresso Moto is starting out with the café, and expanding in the future to house a one-mechanic, boutique bikeworks where you can come and bring your bike or work whist having a coffee and enjoying some Americana farmstyle food from their rustic menu.

Allpress Coffee provides Espresso Moto with their Supremo house blend, which was sampled in espresso and piccolo form. The espresso is earthy and sweet, with a punchy wood smoke element that adds depth and intrigues the taste buds. The milk in the piccolo brings out more of a cocoa flavour, with an initial tang that mellows out into a consistent plateau tinged with marshmallow.

The single origin on offer changes regularly and is sourced from many different coffee companies to provide the coffee lover with a unique and personal experience. The single origin on offer during my visit was the Allpress Guatemalan La Vega Estate, an espresso of which boasted a complex aroma of citrus and chocolate, a big bold hit of green apple acidity and flavour, with a clean and satisfying finish. The piccolo offered a distinct wave of flavour with notes of green apple underlying a more cocoa taste.

A speciality of Espresso Moto is the Sidecar where you are able to have your regular milk coffee with an espresso on the side to taste and compare the flavours. Even if you are not an espresso lover, do yourself a favour and give the sidecar a go as it is guaranteed to broaden your coffee experience.

Espresso Moto is open from 5.00am to 3.00pm for coffee with the kitchen open from 7.00am to 2.00pm. Be sure to motor on in and give this new kid a try, you won’t regret it.


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