Review: Foo Fighters | Sonic Highways

The Foos are back, and of course we expect nothing pure musical brilliance on their eighth record. Especially after 2011’s Wasting Light and global tours featuring arenas packed with rock fans of all ages.

There’s a bigger concept behind this new Foo Fighter’s release. Sonic Highways is not just a record, it’s also a documentary presented by HBO about the roots of rock in the United States. It was recorded in eight different studios in eight different cities to draw on the influence each of the places has had on the evolution of rock ‘n’ roll. And it features a couple of legendary names contributing to some of the songs. However – if you just listen to the record (as I did) you don’t really notice. What you do notice is the good ol’ Foo Fighters with their massive sound, combining arena rock anthems heavy with guitar riffs, quieter breathers and pop melodies with a very lyrical touch.

I’m not going to go into detail. Sonic Highways is an awesome album and the Foo Fighters simply deliver. That’s what we expect from them. No, they don’t experiment, they don’t innovate. Instead they tune everything to perfection. Their music is indeed 100% genre perfection. Six strings to rule them all!

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