REVIEW: Ginger and the ghost 4 April

Ginger and the Ghost + TSUN
Rabbit + Cocoon
4 April


Walking in to Rabbit + Cocoon on Friday 4 April, I thought I’d stumbled upon some sort of jungle carnivale with every face decorated in glitter and gems. The space too was elaborately decorated like a psychedelic retreat with textured fabrics, dream-catchers and a perch swing.

The night kicks off when Gold Coast up and comers TSUN take to the stage with unreal sounds. Their psychedelic blues style feels like it’s from another lifetime and while they perform I look around the room and every pair of eyes is set on that stage. The distant sounds of the guitar and constant percussion in Marmalade give the feel of wandering lost through the desert and as they move through the set and it builds intensely, I am completely engulfed. Towards the end a balloon full of confetti pops over the crowd, showering us with its insides, making the perfect end to TSUN’s set and the perfect welcome for Ginger and the Ghost.

With a gentle yet intense presence, Ginger and the Ghost approach the evening with intimacy and creativity. The set begins with Karl Williams (of TSUN) reading poetry and an animalistic dance display (dressed by Nine Lives Bazaar). This experience feels like I’m watching a band perform a concept album that flows without fault.

It’s amazing the amount of sound this duo create!

As the set progresses I am captivated by the magic and the child-like playfulness of the performance and after Missy (Ginger herself) reflects on the creation of her out-of-this-world cape, they move into the 2013 single Where Wolf.

After a barefooted drum-off and a swing on the perch, the magic, sadly, must come to a close and I left that night feeling overwhelmed by the amount of creativity, dedication and involvement that went in to create such a special event.

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