REVIEW: Good Day Coffee

3/476 Gold Coast Highway, Tugun

There is a certain buzz of excitement that you experience when drinking an amazing cup of coffee. It radiates outward from that first sip, causing a goofy look of elation to settle on your face. Good Day Coffee, located on the highway in Tugun, makes the sort of coffee that gets you goofy.

Good Day Coffee’s interior is clean, simple and white, with warm wood accents and a beautiful tiled communal table in the centre. Coffee is made and delivered with impeccable service and owners Ebony and DJ clearly love their cafe, their customers and their coffee.

Since opening almost a year ago, Good Day has received a lot of support from the community and their primary customer base is made up of locals walking in to pick up their favourite beverage before work. On the weekends, however they are ready to relax and savour their favourite brew.

A black Synesso coffee machine makes for a perfect extraction of the beans supplied by Marvell Street Coffee Roasters in Byron Bay. Good Day’s single origin on offer is the Ethiopian Debello Cooperative, which is prepared as a big batch of filtered coffee and sold for merely $3 a cup.  The filtered coffee was very drinkable with an intriguing yeast and sweet berry aroma, giving way to a smooth cherry flavour that invoked hints of fruit and nut loaf. It was easily my favourite of the day.

Photo Catherine Cockburn

Photo Catherine Coburn

An espresso of Marvell Street’s Espresso Blend garnered a juicy scent with a hint of chocolate. Its sour cherry flavour is complex and strong, filling the senses and lingering with a buttery texture. The long black of the house blend has a mild aroma that masks the prominent cherry jam flavoured hit and whets the appetite.

The star of the day in the opinion of my co-tester was the piccolo, which was described as being “magical” and “the best piccolo I have ever had”. It’s easy to see why it inspired such rapture as its mild chocolate and cherry scent deepened into a subtle salted berry flavour.

Good Day Coffee is open seven days from 5am to around 12pm with hours looking to increase once their food menu begins in the next couple of weeks. If you are down the southern end of the coast looking for a bit of caffeinated magic you simply must stop by and say “Good day!” to Good Day Coffee.


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