REVIEW: Half Moon Run, The Northern Byron Bay, Saturday 4 January 2014

It’s been a personal mission of mine to see Half Moon Run for almost a year now. 352 days to be exact. That’s when they were last here – at The Buddah Bar/Byron Bay Brewery/Arts Factory. January 17th 2013. That just happened to be my umpteenth Birthday, that’s why I recall it so well.

Half Moon Run – these gorgeous crazed Montreal-ians are like no other.

They started with the last song on their album Dark Eyes, 12 Gun Salute and worked there inimitable way through the entire album. Devon, Connor, Dylan, bounding all over the stage. Leaping, bouncing between drums, keys, guitar, harmonica, samplers and some things/instruments I didn’t even recognise. More insane manic drum drum drumming from Devon. His amazing, divine vocals and Connor and Dylan’s harmonies are heavenly.

Full Circle had the entire crowd singing and grinning along – gestures and all. The acoustic encore – shush shush… you could hear a pin drop. Beautiful hushed harmonies, mounting to a crescendo of… of… I can’t even think of a perfect enough word, description, adjective. Orgasmic. There. Said it.


Sheer and utter Brilliance.

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