Review: Howling Bells | Heartstrings

The fourth album released by Howling Bells is a standout. Titled Heartstrings, it brings a turbulent mix of guitar and drums, swirling to make beautiful indie rock. Opening track Paris is powerful with an entrancing vocal melody pulling the song along. Backing melodies coo and round out the first track. The tracks buzz in and out, and Heartstrings feels like an album that you have to sit down and listen to in full. Your Love fills your head with waves of sweet guitar, thick with reverb and perfectly matched vocals. Tornado feels slightly ominous while coming across as a warning lyrically. The drums crack and underpin the pivotal points of the track perfectly. Euphoria by contrast is smooth and sombre; it captures you in its melancholic sound and manipulates your emotions effortlessly from start to finish. Original Sin is definitely my favourite track from Heartstrings. The song shows off fuzzed guitar work and an intro with an impressive melody driving the song.

Howling Bells originally formed in Sydney and now reside in London and Berlin, with new English bassist Gary Daines. Heartstrings was recorded at Assault & Battery Studios in London, and the album was written in the basement of lead singer Juanita Stein’s home. Alan Moulder produced Heartstrings, and is well known for his work with The Killers, My Bloody Valentine and Depeche Mode.

Heartstrings is to be released on May 30 by Birthday Records.

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