Review: Husky | Ruckers Hill

Following from the debut album Forever So, Melbourne band Husky recently released Ruckers Hill; and this sophomore album doesn’t disappoint.

The title track to the album is the first song that serenades me through my speakers. The stunning chorus of voices continues a steady build throughout this song, before breaking into a fast paced celebration of sound. Continuing to warm you from the inside out, until your skin feels sun kissed, I’m Not Coming Back is the perfect example of how the lyrics and the melody of a song can say two different things.

With lyrics that speak of longing and loss, the fast paced finger picking paired with a strong rhythm section leads the song on a dancing journey of defiance. The track could very well have become another victim to the heavily automated pop genre had it been performed by other artists, yet Husky manage to keep their indie folk flag flying strong throughout. Drunk is a song for reminiscing on misspent youth and looking ahead to the stories you have yet to create. This album is so well composed, with a fantastic ebb and flow throughout, that it is difficult to believe that this is only their second album. It was definitely worth the wait though, and coming into summer I know Ruckers Hill will be on steady rotation in my music collection. This album feels like home – warm, comforting and blissful, with a slight edge of wonder.


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