REVIEW: Jackson James Smith | Simple’s Better

Jackson James Smith is an amazing solo artist hailing from the stunning Gold Coast – is proudly one of our own.

He is an emotive composer and his new EP Simple’s Better is a testament to that. The vocal melodies soar through notes and octaves beautifully and he seems to slot into a role as an experienced musician that belies his 21 years.

Opening track Far Away has a strong indie feel with layered guitar work and vocals, complete with a quick guitar solo that rounds out the sound. Far Away builds and builds to an impressive chorus of acoustic and vocal sound that you don’t expect. The title track is personally my favourite and is recorded beautifully with bright cymbals and a slow but distinct build up throughout only to strip away to a minimalistic chorus that comes back strongly, then another underpinned by a rock n’ roll guitar solo.

Piano based track Strong clocks in as the EP’s longest song at just over five minutes but it doesn’t feel long by any means. Strong is the most raw and emotive song from the six track release and the piano notes are strong yet delicate, much like Smith’s vocals. This EP is an astounding release from a local artist and is indicative of interesting things to come from this solo act.

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