REVIEW: Jesswar | Peachy (EP)

19 year old MC Jesswar Koroi comes in swingin’ with opening track Acid Fantasy, hitting hard and raw, with a first impression that says “I’m not holding back for nobody!”

She’s quick to show another side though with her relationship anthem Jelly, a more up beat guitar and horn driven track featuring soulful guest vocals from Sarah Frank on the hook. It’s Jesswar’s ability to seamlessly maneuver through a variety of styles that keeps the EP fresh, from hard hitting trap beats like Lips (featuring old friend and local MC Lane Harry) to bouncy party tracks like Green Out, that will have you laughing out loud and reminiscing on times you may have indulged in too much of the herbal remedy.

There are moments you cant help but feel like her rhymes are coming from a male perspective, which is common in the female rap world, but the authentic delivery and attitude have Jesswar holding her own in the highly competitive sport that is hip-hop. It’s lyrically fun and contains strong themes of partying as well as her commitment to music, professing “I work ‘til the day I tour Japan / Fatty in my hand with a bag fulla Xan(ex).”

The production is solid, which is no surprise considering it’s overseen by one of the GC’s busiest producers, Guy Cooper, who’s been with her since her early days in the band Sneaky Picnic.  There are times when you feel the Slim Shady influence running strong, but you’re slapped in the face with confirmation of that when she borrows a direct quote from Em’s early work on Role Model. The “take you on Jerry Springer and beat your ass legally” line is tucked in to the EP’s closing track Bitchy, a name dropper that calls out stars ranging from Jonah Hill to Taylor Swift. Peachy tastes more like a big night out than it does peaches, but that is the very essence of the EP. It’s ironic, sarcastic, crude and clever – it’s hip-hop!

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