REVIEW: Lane Harry x Ike Campbell | Renaissance

With American accents, rhymes about hoes, blunts and Grey Goose rapped over trunk rattling 808s, dramatic bells and trap style hi-hats you’d be sure Renaissance was cooked up in an Atlanta basement. While the album is Australian made, with influences including Kanye, Drake and Kendrick, it’s no surprise Lane Harry x Ike Campbell ‘s sound is straight out of the USA; the question is, do they pull it off?

Renaissance opens with banger Sauvignon, which is a classic car song – you know the type – turn it up, nod your head and drive around with nowhere to go while your mates in the back seat scream lyrics out the window.

The politically-charged, riot-enticing single Anarchy features the vocals of Gold Coast’s Scott Dalton on the chorus. Lane x Ike have tapped into a variety of Gold Coast talent throughout the album, with guest spots from Ella Fence on No More, a song of lost love, and the haunting voice of Aquila Young on the bass heavy Hentai.

The vocal guests on Renaissance give a dynamic to the album that perfectly balances the raw with the pretty.

Mushroom Cloud is so Kanye you’re waiting for Yeezy himself to come in on the track. Following is the boastful Do you love it featuring a voicemail skit from an angry girl with an undeniable Aussie accent breaking the American façade for the first time.  We get a taste of rock when a friend from the band Baskervillian gives a wailing guitar sample to take the track Tomorrow to another level. The songs are riddled with lyrical wit, with lines like “these boys are f*ckin’ faker than Chet” you’ll have to pay close attention if you want to catch Harry’s clever references.

So, getting back to the question, do Lane x Ike  pull it off? With well crafted dark beats lit up by Harry’s unique vocal sound and clever word play the answer is YES – Renaissance is one for the ages!


James Wills

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