REVIEW: Laugh your pants off

Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast | Friday 6 June

Laugh Your Pants Off brings some of the best Australian comedians to the same stage in a night of side-splitting laughter. This is the fourth installation of the Jupiters Casino event.

Tom Gleeson led the assortment of comedians ranging from Triple J’s new breakfast co-host Matt Okine to stand up veteran Denise Scott and ‘The Barry’ award winner Sammy J and Randy.

Even though Denise Scott was one of the headlining comedians she was one of the first to take the stage, warming up the night and setting the standard with her mother jokes and sexually awkward humour. Canadian Marty Putz was an interesting comedian. Instead of arming himself with routines about his kids, friends or sightings in public, he arms himself with custom made props that were never used in the way you would expect. From attempting to shoot a ‘hamster’ through a pipe from the second row to drying off a member of the audience with a toilet roll blower, Putz had the audience in stitches from skit start to finish.

Rusty and Another Guy were a music based duo that changed words to hit songs like a controversial alteration of Tears in Heaven. The use of music in comedy is not unheard of, but the way Rusty and Another Guy engaged the audience was different to the other comedians. Tom Gleeson took the stage and showed what a world touring professional comedian is made of and was excellent. The audience was locked in Tom Gleeson’s hysterical world of laughs and mockery of certain political leaders. Tom Gleeson was truly hilarious, and I heard members of the audience reciting some of his witty one-liners as they left the casino.

Sammy J and Randy closed out the night with a mixture of piano oriented comedy and puppet work that explained why this duo won the Australian comedy award, The Barry. They played a song about keeping secrets and moved in and out of the stage on a rotating floor before host of the evening Lindsay Webb came out and gave the crowd a few more laughs and sent them on their way. The night was well received by every attendee and I would expect a fifth instalment of Laugh Your Pants Off to be held sooner rather than later. And you’ll certainly see me there.


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