REVIEW: Leave Your Soul To Science (Deluxe 20th Anniversary Reissue) | Something For Kate

While this album was recently released in 2011, this reissued, 20th anniversary edition of the album is worth talking about not only for the interesting covers the second disc holds but also because of the continued success of the album.

As I am writing this all six Something For Kate albums are sitting in the Top 54 albums of the ARIA charts, a feat which many artists could only dream about. Of their six studio albums, Leave Your Soul To Science is topping the rest on the charts. The first disc of this release is the one with tracks every Triple J listener knows and loves. Hit single Star-Crossed Citizens opens the album with its palm muted verse and the bending chorus that throws the song along all while Paul Dempsey’s almost emotionally detached yet beautiful vocal melodies hover over the guitar. Private Rain is my favourite song on Leave Your Soul To Science and for (I believe) good reason. The song is extremely emotive and the chorus is truly powerful.

The second disc contains a few remixes, a scattering of demos and a particularly good acoustic version of Survival Expert, but the real gems are the covers. Paul Dempsey played a stripped back, acoustic version of Stop! the worldwide hit by Sam Brown and this version is so emotional, much like Private Rain and only leaves me to wonder why this track was left off Dempsey’s Shotgun Karaoke EP, consisting purely of acoustic covers. Let’s Dance is one of David Bowie’s many hits and Paul Dempsey carves a new, remarkable acoustic version. Finally, Pleasure and Pain features the full band again and showcases Dempsey’s impressive vocal range on this Divinyls classic.

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