Review: Leopold’s Treat | Cold River (single)

Active on the Gold Coast music scene since 2011, three piece Leopold’s Treat spin a sweetly delicate web of evocative, country tinged folk infused with subtle, pastoral washes on brand new single Cold River.

Not 100 miles removed from the sound of bands such as The Waifs, the track commences with a moody, descending, guitar motif embellished with tasteful touches of Weissenborn lap slide guitar, low clarinet and glockenspiel, before the strikingly emotive vocals of singer Kate Leopold enter the fray, driving the track forward into a gentle canter.

The supporting ensemble of Kieran Richardt and Dave Honeyman provide tasteful accompaniment as the track traverses organically onwards, like a meandering stroll along the banks of a countryside waterway. A twangy guitar interlude midway through adds further resonance to the palette, the group’s inherent ability to display their musical dexterity without overwhelming the canvas allowing the song to breathe and flourish in equal measure.

And as the track rises then ebbs to a satisfying conclusion, one is left bathing in a warm glow as the sun sets and the cold river washes over and invigorates ones musical soul…

Cold River serves as the first taste of the band’s upcoming long player, and from the strength of this movingly uplifting snapshot, the Gold Coast music scene will be glowingly enriched with their further presence.
Album artwork: Rebecca Cunningham

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