Ever since that much deserved triple j play, Lunatics on Pogosticks have been tightening those screws and relaxing those shoulders.

Think, for a moment, of the blink-182 discography; scratchy and vulnerable punk at the beginning of the band’s life but quickly finding their fidelity and positioning with releases like Dammit and Josie just a year later. Finding similar qualities by following in that vein, Lunatics on Pogosticks have quite simply, landed upon their sound of piercing riff lines and quick-paced punk aesthetics.

At LOP’s gigs, you may be able to hear their medley of some of the best garage rock songs from their favourite artists in the game. Ty Segall, the Orwells, Thee Oh Sees and many others – all thrown into a brief yet succinct roundup of covers that the LOP boys take real inspiration from. Thankfully those groups previously mentioned make a heartened appearance on the EP through the band’s memorable collection of riffs. Do You Think I’m a Taco Bell Kinda Guy, perhaps one of life’s more puzzling questions turned song title, facets a division on the band’s sound and growing fandom. Singer Calum Newton poses some interesting and brutal vocal work on this track which, with enough persistence, could be a fathomable lead for the group’s progression. While it could be seen to divide some fans and break away from the LOP formula, and the rest of the EP, Taco Bell is the band’s most defining point.

Irony and the band’s crisp form of humour break into the other songs like Picasso’s Saddest Love, Breakfast at Jeremy’s – and result in some all age-friendly house party garage punk. Rock bands aren’t burning out, they’re not fading away. They’re fresh faced, out of high school and looking to the past for their musical musings.

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