Review Lyon Apprentice’s: Be honest, be wild, be free

The ambience found throughout Be Honest, Be Wild, Be Free is intoxicating, much like Jeff Buckley’s Grace. But the vocals contained seem to fit snugly between Of Monsters and Men and Matt Corby.

 I Will Find You breaks open the EP with a catchy chorus, and even a brass composition in the bridge. Every instrument plays its part in creating the mood and enveloping your mind in the sweet sounds of melancholia and loss. The EP continues this theme with the track Be Careful, sporting emotive key progressions and faultless vocal melodies all lathered in reverb. Cymbals shimmer and fade throughout the track, and it is clear that this EP was carefully composed. An acoustic track ensues titled Beautiful Thought. This minimalistic track boasts gentle melodies and echoes. Twinkles of keys coupled with synthetic drums kick off the second last track, Castles In The Sky, and this composition is much more like an Alt-J track than Of Monsters and Men. The layers of vocals near the close of this track is an aspect of this song that will definitely transfer well into a live situation. Letters to Nowhere is the longest track of the EP coming in at just over five minutes, sharing a similar minimalistic sound with Be Careful. This track is the brightest musically, however lyrically it seems almost the darkest.

Be Honest, Be Wild, Be Free is a strong EP, with every track carefully designed. The first three tracks are powerful and emotive, with the other two slightly lacking the same level of emotional strength. This is a strong release by a local Gold Coast band.

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