REVIEW: Mitch King | A Life Under the Sun

The alluring vocals of Mitch King teamed with an eclectic mix of relaxed acoustic, blues/folk vibes, and the occasional dirty electric guitar swell is what makes A Life Under the Sun an album that simply demands to be listened to over and over. With smooth transitions between genres of music like blues, folk, and country, the album is a coastal road trip on a perfectly sunny Australian day.

One of the highlights of the album is Under the Sun. This track brings together elements of water, sun, bongos, didgeridoos, acoustic and electric swells, not to mention the magic of Mitch King’s vocals and lyrics. Picture a writing style that is a mix between Evermore, James Blunt, and a little piece of something else that brings the music a very distinct Australian-ness. This track is one that captures your heart from the start and takes you on a journey through Mitch’s eyes under the sun. Contrasts between eerie chord progressions and uplifting vocals and percussion will guarantee you becoming lost in this song.

A second highlight and a contrast to the easy listening folk sounds of this album is found in Good Life. This track is found in the latter part of the metaphoric coastal road trip that Mitch King’s album takes you on- the part that finds you driving slightly over the limit, speakers up, with the windows rolled all the way down. Dirty electric swells, and old school radio mixed vocals are at the core of this track. Listening to this song and not tapping your foot is a feat not accomplishable by this reviewer.

A Life Under the Sun simply put is a well-balanced work from Mitch King that provides listeners with a beautiful varied range of genres, and takes them on a distinct Australian coastal journey. You can view a sneak peak of the album on Mitch King’s YouTube Channel: A Life Under the Sun- Mitch King Full Album.


Mitch King plays Winter in the ‘Vale with Katie Who on Friday 3 July at the Helensvale Cultural Centre.

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