REVIEW: MKO | Puddles

Described as a sub aquatic appeal to those who like to live a tidy life, order viagra in canada Brisbane lass MKO is sure to make ripples with her latest single release Puddles.

Her voice is indescribable. In one moment she can be soft, subtle, vulnerable and the canadian viagra without prescription next she is sexy, sleek and powerful.

Puddles is sparkly, however MKO still manages to bring an element of soul and most importantly, honesty. The experimental instrumentation conjures an epic soundscape – you can almost hear the drops of water in the tinkling synth. The heavily layered vocal buy cialis online canada harmonies took me to heaven and back, managing to hit every single possible note of the dissonant chords, plus one.

There is a lot that can be said about this track, but I would suggest just taking a listen and let MKO do all the talking.

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