It’s difficult to place this record in Nicholas Allbrook’s wide-stretched musical career. While departing from Tame Impala, he still continues with of POND and also drums in Peter Bibby’s live band. The songs extend from themes of homesickness and removal, often messy, sometimes kaleidoscopic. Ganough, Wallis and Fatuna finds a change in the young Perth musician and a refreshing rebrand on psychedelic music.

The lyrics are pretty sceptic – not to say all of Nick’s lyrics aren’t with his POND project – yet they extend from the mundane to human observations. Whispers of Beauty though, drives the idea of Nick’s home life and possibly also of the time when he detached himself from the Tame Impala brand, “I might have drooled if a white bird hadn’t caught my gaze / That’s what it’s like when you’re in an empty phase.” Having spent the best part of an entire year off the road and alone with his thoughts, Nick continues to foster the idea of detachment.

Sonically, Ganough, Wallis and Fatuna crosses between freak-psych jams, footwork infused rhythms and slow covers-of-Beatles-covers. ITTTME is an incredible blast of noise that differs from anything previously released by Nick. Clever spurs of transit psychedelic rock which cycles between lucid dreamscapes. No doubt this is a record that is the direct brainchild of Nick’s inner-most workings. 100 k’s ‘round Carmel is music for beatnicks of 2014. An explosive and claustrophobic work that leads a woozy spiral of bass and sitar ending with a trip of a lifetime.

Maybe leaving himself alone with his thoughts turned out to be a good thing. Considering his extensive back catalogue with countless bands, Nick has turned out his most personal and sonically driving set of songs to date. He could have easily branded these songs as POND, yet they wouldn’t hold the same spirit and maturity coming from his own name.

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