REVIEW: Nova Heart, Old Museum Brisbane, Saturday 3 January

Fresh from Woodford Music Festival, Chinese band Nova Heart had a following that had crawled out of tents and into The Old Museum in Brisbane… That’s how great their energy is. Taking to the stage the drummer Shi Lu aka Atom and bassist Bo Xuan played a thumping intro, the perfect introduction for lead singer Helen Feng to enter with. Feng’s stage presence is undeniable, and an art installation within itself.

Making jokes about the how the audience should ‘notice the beautiful awnings and architecture, but the light switches are from Ikea’, she kicked off the set with the song My Song 9 from their EP Beautiful Boys. There is something beautifully awkward about her stage performance, reminiscent of bedroom eyes and dance floor highs. With flashing lights, pulsing rhythms and epileptic gyrations Feng captivates the audience.

The sound was phenomenal and every beat was timed to perfection as the songs were broken up with anecdotes; at one point Feng admitted she has terrible stage fright, with everyone watching her, but that she just tells herself people aren’t there to see her. The performance ended on a high as the band left the stage to raucous applause. Reminiscent of Blondie or Joan Jett this highly captivating performance may not be to everyone’s tastes, but you won’t be able to look away.

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