Review: Organics at Home

Shop 7, 5th Avenue, Palm Beach Ph: 0406 216 159

Sometimes an event happens which stops us in our tracks, pulls us up and shakes us out before we head off in a different direction.

For John Gorry, that event was cancer. Like some of my friends who have suffered from the disease, he says that it has changed his appreciation for life and the way that he thinks forever.

For John, his life re-evaluation led him to organics and sustainable whole food, spreading the message through his Palm Beach café, Organics at Home.

Ever self-deprecating, John says his chef, Marci, is the real hero of the café. She’s the master of the kitchen, the one with the knowledge about alkalising foods and healthy wholefood cuisine.

‘Why alkaline?’ I ask. The rationale is that cancer cells thrive in a slightly acidic environment. By eating an alkaline diet, eliminating sugar and all processed foods, eating lots of raw vegetables, fish and pulses, it is difficult for cancer cells to regenerate or thrive.

“We have to rethink our lifestyle,” John tells me. “Did you know that it 1941 only one person in eighty would contract cancer. Now, two out of every three men and a third of all women can expect to suffer from cancer at some time in their life.” The figures are staggering.

“Over 70,000 chemicals have been created to spray on foods.” I shake my head in utter amazement at our current food practices.

Hardly surprising, then, that Organics at home is 100% organic. There’s no lip service to quality here! Only stable oils and fats are used in cooking, grains are pre-soaked for better digestion, no refined flour or sugar is used, and fruit juice is freshly cold pressed. It’s little wonder that the food tastes so good!

There’s a Rosti Stack for brekkie using kale, navy beans and mushrooms. Yes, there’s eggs and bacon, but why not tuck into a brekkie bowl packed with the goodness of quinoa, kale, activated almonds, carrot and avo, topped with poached egg, toasted sunflower and pepitas? It’s all so good for you.

I pass up the burgers and pulled pork sandwich in favour of Marci’s Salad. It’s a soup bowl of pre-soaked biodynamic brown rice tossed with kale, seared zucchini, roasted beetroot and avocado topped with toasted seeds, dressed with apple vinaigrette. Pre-soaking the rice really does make a difference to its ease of eating! At $13.50 it looks like a smallish bowl, but it proves to be both delicious and very filling.

There are lots of detox and alkalising juices and house-made raw treats as a second course, but I settle for a Fair Trade Organic coffee. It’s a very mild blend and I’d ask for it a tad hotter next time!

Organics, sustainability and buying local are all worthy food practices, yet we’re only now seeing our first organic cafés on the Gold Coast. John says that it can still be difficult to source organic produce in the quantities he requires. Hopefully, supply will improve as demand increases.

Organics at Home is a welcome addition to the thriving Palm Beach food scene. It’s fast gathering a following of regular diners.

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