REVIEW: Paul French | Fun (EP)

Smooth singer song writer Paul French tells it how it is in his 5 track debut EP titled Fun.

Released late last year, Fun is a mixture of slightly 90’s pop hooks, clubby dance beats and a hint of R’n’B for broad appeal.

Local lad Paul French writes solo, plays a variety of instruments and I can’t help but compare his punchy versatile vocal style to that of Sam Sparro. French who put his finance degree on hold to follow his passion for song writing released his first single Summer Loving in February 2014.

The first track on the EP Fun I thought had massive teenage appeal. It’s totally suggestive with seductive promises of New York and lyrics like;-“Can I have a bit of fun with you?” I was thinking in my prudishness “Absolutely not, you cheeky monkey”.

The next track Smooth Talk sounds like a perfect night club track, easy to dance to and has a sweet groove I really liked. The only thing missing was a cocktail in my hand. The next thought provoking track Walking Dead is about a girl who has “Monsters in her head when you thrill her in bed” was dead catchy and got me thinking about monsters in my own head.

My favourite track on the EP Summer Loving took me straight into the open top car of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince driving down LA’s sunset strip in their Summertime video with a warm breeze in our hair. The pop hooks and production of the song are both really great.

The last track Sunset City is also energetic and catchy with a summery pop vibe which seems to be French’s signature stamp throughout the EP.

Overall Fun is just that. French brings energy, charisma and sunshine to every track and I was impressed with the incredibly polished production. The songs are light, breezy, catchy, easy listening, commercial and would sit snugly in any nightclub or beach party mix.

Paul French is planning an Australian East Coast tour and a City of Angels tour where his music is sure to be well received.

Emma Ballard

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