REVIEW: Push Espresso, Mermaid Beach

2460 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach QLD 4218

If you are driving north along the Gold Coast highway through Mermaid Beach, a white bicycle parked on the side of the road, letting all who pass know that Push Espresso is open, may have drawn your attention. If so I’m here to tell you it is time to indulge your curiosity and pay a visit to the café from which the bike beckons.

Coming from a fast-paced publicist background, Colby Wells had never worked in the hospitality industry before opening the café. Being a lover of people and coffee, she decided to pursue her passion by opening Push Espresso, a modern and warm café that boasts the honour of being the only place on the coast to serve Melbourne based Proud Mary coffee lovingly made on a sleek Synesso machine. Angel Wings is the current house blend on offer, comprised of beans from Guatemala, Columbia and Costa Rica, but it is changing back to the Ghost Rider, which is Proud Mary’s popular award winning blend.

An espresso of the Angel Wings has a sweet almost flowery aroma, a fruity, buttery taste with a nice sharpness. The butterscotch flavour of the blend was more pronounced when sampling the piccolo, which was smooth and easily drinkable, whilst a latte revealed more of the orange flavour.

Push also offers a single origin choice, which has been gaining popularity and is changed every couple of weeks. Colby’s favourite is the El Salvador Orange Bourbon, which, lucky for us, was the single origin of the week on our visit. The richly scented espresso was sweet, sharp and jammy with a rich, spicy and zesty flavour. The milk of the piccolo cut through the sharpness, revealing a sweeter honey and orange flavour, whilst a long black retained the sharpness of the espresso, with a pleasant mild fruit and honey sweetness.

Being intrigued by the red espresso on the menu, Colby informs me that it is a nod to her South African heritage as it is an antioxidant rich red bush extracted decaf coffee that has a huge following over there. With a delightful red hue the red espresso has an enchanting potpourri-like aroma and tastes like a milky herbal tea with my fellow sampler describing it as being “a little dessert in a cup”, definitely one for those with a sweet tooth that wish to avoid caffeine.

Push Espresso is open 6.30am to 2.30pm Monday to Friday and for breakfast on Sunday from 7am to 11am. Be sure to jump on your pushy and ride on down for some great coffee in this sunny corner of Mermaid Beach.

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