REVIEW: Rabbit | Did We?

It’s hard to describe what Rabbit sounds like, mostly because they are creating their own musical path. They draw on indie rock and you can feel the slight English influences throughout the vocals. Ghoul is the shortest track on the EP and is excellently composed. Rabbit certainly know how to write catchy choruses without sounding desperate for a crowd to sing along, and Ghoul is a testament to that skill.

Some of the most impressive aspects of this release are the basslines, which drive the songs along with a catchy rock sensibility. The guitar intertwines with the bass perfectly and rounds out a well-polished EP that makes me want to see these guys live. The bright cymbals add a new dimension to the already diverse sound, particularly in the second track, Shadows Make Us Freeze. The drums not only underpin the melodic sections perfectly but they also solidify the overall power and sound. My favourite track from DID WE? is Treehouse Kings. The guitar overtakes the bassline as the standout composition of the track and the chorus sticks in your head days after listening to it.

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