REVIEW: Real//Talks | Self-titled EP

Humble 7 piece GC outfit, Real//Talks have released a classy yet energetic debut EP which will no doubt help nudge them a few step’s further up the music industry ladder.

Recorded at a number of studios across the Gold Coast and Brisbane, the EP was a collective DIY effort that has worked as a compliment to their unique take on the indie rock sound.

The opening track Liars is a clear stand out with its catchy melody grabbing you from the get-go.  After learning that each song featured on the EP was written around the theme of classic literature tragedies, I couldn’t help but fall further in love with the evident depth in each individual track. This EP isn’t just a collection of songs it’s a carefully constructed piece of art.

While Real//Talks sound and songs don’t particularly demand a 7 piece set-up, it is obvious that this larger collective of musical minds has allowed their songs to explore more depth than the majority of music you find classified to this genre.

This is one of those EP’s that you’ll most likely end up saying ‘I bought that before they were even famous.’ You should probably grab a copy now.

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