Review: SAHARA BECK | Bloom (EP)

Brisbane songstress Sahara Beck has made waves with her sophomore EP Pretender and with a single listen it is easy to see why. Pretender opens with Words For Mary, which sounds sweet as the finger picking floats through Beck’s soft vocals. However as drums enter and vocals become stronger this song becomes powerful in its own right. Instantaneously Beck grabs your attention, with interesting lyrics and simple clean chord progressions. With lyrics like ‘Mother came and told me never give yourself away, father said remember you are perfect in your way’ this song has a maturity that belies the singer’s 18 years.

Track two is titled Brother Sister and was the breakout track from Pretender. The song starts with a strong drum presence; with a lovely hint of cowbells, but it is the chorus of voices that make this song something different from the norm. This song isn’t poppy, but it is incredibly boppy, and will have you moving when you listen to the rhythm that Beck creates seamlessly. You can tell this isn’t Beck’s first rodeo; she has really honed her abilities since her first album in 2011. The third track Pretender needs a language warning, but has a beautiful rawness to it. Holding nothing back this track is gritty and honest and is the perfect amount of edge for this EP. The film clip is brilliantly simple and showcases the contrast between the strength of Beck’s voice and the fragility of her person. It is true that great things come in small packages.

I Don’t Want To Break Your Heart is one of those songs that makes you take a breath when it starts and forget you’re holding it. Soft, sweet and sad the mix of gentle melodies and clever lyrics makes this one of my favourite tracks on the E{. It can be hard to pack diversity into a five track EP without creating a clashing mess, however Beck manages to have the highs, the lows and everything in between through intelligent composition. Finishing with The Creators: keys add to the almost melancholy feel of this track, stripped back and allowing Beck’s voice to shine. Ending the EP on The Creators gives you the feeling that it truly was a journey, which is something Beck should be lauded for, especially when only using five tracks to do so. Sahara Beck will be playing Woodford Folk Festival this year and if you can’t make it to Woodford I strongly recommend putting Bloom on repeat and pretending you’re there.

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