Review: Sarah Frank | The Frenzy

There is no other voice like Sarah Frank. Full stop. A voice aptly flaunted on her debut album titled The Frenzy. This 14-track offering displays soul well beyond her years. Without the seductive portrait of Sarah smack bang on the album cover, anyone would think she was from a completely different time and background.

Underpinning the sophisticated musicality of the tracks featured on the album, are soft lyrics commenting on heavy societal issues. Her voice guides you through each track of the album, performing more melismas (vocal gymnastics) in each song than you would hear in the entirety of most albums of today.

Produced, engineered and co-mastered by the lady herself, the album fuses a mix of feels including soul, blues, reggae, funk, jazz and even a touch of hip hop with a guest appearance from popular GC rapper, Lane Harry. Stand out tracks include Sadness Knocking, 99.9, and No One To Blame (which heavily channels some Blue King Brown vibes).

Featuring an array of talented local performers, this album is ideal for a contemplative, rainy afternoon accompanied by a glass of red.


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