Review: Seth Sentry | Strange New Past

‘Whoa, damn, this kids dope / what’s his name? / Mephisto?’  – Hell Boy? That hover board guy? More accurately, his name’s Seth Sentry, and dope, well that’s an understatement.

With fans’ expectations set high after the success of his 2012 debut, Seth and producer Styalz Fuego have put the hours in to ensure their follow up Strange New Pastisn’t a duplicate, nor a dud, achieving a sound best described as timeless.

Seth returned to radio with lead single Run, a tribute to his mischievous youth, which isn’t a huge leap from his earlier work, but a catchy sing along hook and naughty stories were a sure fire way to re-ignite the buzz; Seth Sentry’s back!

It was what came next that unveiled the new angle Seth had taken for the album.  Hell Boy wasn’t the story driven narrations we’d heard from the emcee in past years, but more of a ‘flex piece’ simply displaying the mad skills the wordsmith possessed. This was just the beginning, with a line from Fake Champagne confirming it was no accident:  ‘He has changed, this is what I’d heard about / Yeah I have changed, no shit, I’m 30 now’.

Listeners learn more about their hero as he pulls the curtain back on more personal issues, with numerous references to his absent father, including an entire ‘F*ck you dad’ track titled Violin. There’s even a love song…well maybe an anti love song, titled Hate Lovebut with swooning instrumentals accompanied by Seth’s charm you can’t deny the romance.

One of Seth’s most lovable qualities is his ability to not take himself too seriously. With boast track Nobody like me being followed by Dumb, where he learns he’s not smarter than a 5th grader, the comic wit has stayed with Seth, especially prominent on Rooftopwhich feels almost like a Room For Rent sequel.

Another home run for Seth, something tells me this is just the beginning of his Strange New Past!

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