Review | Skull & Bones Espresso Boutique

2577 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach

Skull and Bones are all buy viagra online uk about the 4218. Well loved by the locals, who the staff welcome by name, it is also a necessary post-yoga destination for the students of Essence canadian pharmacy levitra of Living studio next door.

Jesse and Dre are the laidback and friendly owners of the skull laden espresso boutique and whilst Jesse informs me that he is not actually a potenzmittel pills fm levitra coffee drinker himself, Dre assures me he consumes enough for the two of them.

First up was an espresso of their single origin, the Toby’s Estate Brazil Carnaval. A sweet chocolate and fruit aroma follows through with a flavour to match, delivered with the perfect amount of sharpness. A piccolo of the single origin yielded a nuttier taste than the espresso and had a delightfully rich finish.

The Skull & Bones house blend is the Toby’s Estate Woolloomooloo, which comprises a combination of beans from Brazil, Mexico and El Salvador. Used in their long black, which has a  very smooth and fruity taste, it is also a key component of their Bullet Proof coffee, an intriguing blended drink that brings together organic butter, coconut oil and black coffee. The Bullet Proof coffee has an enticing coconut aroma that pulls you into its coconut and berries flavoured depths.

My favourite drink was without a doubt the cold presse, a secret recipe concocted by Jesse in a lab where, he informs me, he loses a lot of sleep.  A casually sweet fruit flavoured beverage with a slightly nutty taste, it is bottled in black, soy, skinny and regular.  The first run of 50 bottles Jesse made sold out in just two days. Easy to believe as they are seriously that good.

Skull & Bones are open daily Monday to Saturday 6.00am to 3.00pm and Sunday 6.00am to 2.00pm. If you are looking for some awesome coffee in 4218 this is definitely the place for you. Make no bones about it.

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