REVIEW: Switchkraft

Swingin’ Safari
1 August 2014


How good it is to be living in a glitzy city and on the cusp of all the craziness that is Surfers Paradise? I find myself reunited with a dear old venue that has always supported local and emerging bands, The Swingin’ Safari. Tonight owner Neil Beattie once again allowed the underground music community of the Gold Coast to take over his funky little venue, demonstrating why this is a place not to be forgotten about (now conveniently next to a tram stop).

New Gold Coast three-piece electronic band, Switchkraft fresh from their support of NZ reggae legends, Katchafire, took over the Swingin’ Safari with their mangled cacophony of electronic symphony and dance grooves.

Glitch Buchanan (Carey O’Sullivan of Tijuana Cartel) and the Plastic Surgeon (Freddy Flyfingaz) shared their long time music connection by laying down some fat, dark, dirty beats while MC, Son of Sam (Regan Hoskins of 3illa) took the vocal rhyme wheel and drove the crowd up and down and cutting hard out shapes on the dance floor.

There was this crazy balance of musical funk that saw the fusion of a keytar squelch machine and vinyl scratch battle. It was hilarious to watch, especially with Glitch Buchanan looking like a cowboy priest shredding the keytar and the Plastic Surgeon donning a space cop outfit behind the decks.

Their music is synced to some really funny videos, all cut by themselves. It was a shame the visuals could not be clearly seen due to space restrictions, but the homemade huge rustic truck exhaust looking smoke machine and rather large vinyl, spinning the band logo behind them were very quirky.

Switchkraft call their style of music Switch Hop, and I truly believe we are blessed to have the Gold Coast’s very own Switch Hop Beastie Boys right in our midst.


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    Douglas Quaid

    Nice work Detective David Kimble. It’s an honour!!

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