REVIEW The Black Keys | Fever (single)

Fever is the latest single to be released by The Black Keys after a three year break following their notorious album, El Camino.

El Camino garnered adoration and attention from all and received critical claim, in part from tracks such as Lonely Boy. Once again The Black Keys have formulated another catchy tune with Fever. A band formerly devoted to blues-garage rock, The Black Keys duo have now resorted to the sounds of psychedelic. In order to help the transition toward such a sound, the band called upon one of the biggest producers in the game, Danger Mouse. A man who helped write and produce some of the biggest albums in the past decade including Demon Days by the Gorillazand several of The Black Keys’ previous works.

The product of such a collaboration still holds the bluesy vocals that many remember the band for, however with generous layers of effects reminiscent of the current trending psychedelic theme. The echoing vocals and the pulsing bass line supported by the simple yet playful synths are sure to infect listeners and resonate for days, much like an actual fever… only one that is welcomed.

Fever is the first single from The Black Keys’ upcoming album Turn Blue which is set for release 13 May.

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