REVIEW: The Divinchis | The Divinchis

From the moment it begins, you can’t help but feel transported back to a classic 90’s film soundtrack where Kenny G serenades us in the background while the leading lady (most likely Meg Ryan) endures a complicated, yet comical, romantic storyline. While Sydney based band, The Divinchis’ new self titled debut album would have been perfect for the 90’s film era, you can’t deny it is full of pure rhythm and groove that will capture hearts living in the 21st century.

With a talented collective of Sydney musicians, the album features 9 original tracks written by Garry Larden (vocalist) and John Carson (keyboards), along with a cover of Ain’t No Lovin’ Left by pioneer writers of Philadelphia soul, Gamble and Huff. It is no doubt that writing inspirations for the album were drawn from the ‘Philly Soul’ era and in turn has created the powerhouse songwriting duo that is Larden and Carson (heck, their names even almost rhyme).

The simplicity of the album’s lyrical content is made up for with its classy and tight instrumentals. Said to be given creative freedom with their offerings, Carson and Paul Chenard on Saxophone are well within their element and are a friendly compliment to the tight rhythm section and gritty vocals from Larden.

Imagine an endless night of soul dancing in a dark bar smelling of whisky, with a grand piano in front of a cracked cement wall – the Divinchis would fit right in.

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