Review: The Growlers | Chinese Fountain

The Growlers sure provide their own take on psychedelic rock, and their latest album Chinese Fountain is an offering that showcases this unique sound. The soaring melodies containing backing vocals entwining with the main vocals are a recurring aspect throughout the album along with often understated drums that add to the song a lot more than one would think.

Second track Black Memories has a strong swing along with mariachi-style clicks throughout the track. Title track Chinese Fountain feels like a grooving funk track with psychedelic overtones featuring distorted vocals in the verses that open up to a brilliant chorus and an 80’s styled post-chorus that gets anyone and everyone bopping along to the song. The song even name drops John Lennon and references the technology dependent society we live in today. Definitely a track to check out. Leading single Dull Boy sounds very laid back, but certainly not dull by any stretch of the imagination. The lazy vocals float over summery guitars that would definitely suit a long drive to the beach, and I can definitely hear this song being used for alternate teen movies in the coming months.

The synth keys found in Chinese Fountain are a nice touch to the overall sound of the album and definitely round out the tracks. The lyrics are very differing from song to song- some are direct, some are cryptic enough to leave you wondering for weeks. The album really impressed me from start to finish and it is encouraging to hear music that successfully re-imagines classic genres like psychedelic rock.

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