Review: The Sinking Teeth | White Water

The Sinking Teeth found their roots in suburban Victoria, playing in clubs, pubs, parks and even drainage ditches. As the hum and scratching builds to kick off their EP White Water with the track The Sexy Mates,  the drum beat intensifies. It escalates to a tremolo based verse riff, reminiscent of Yeah Yeah Yeahs with harsh vocals placed jaggedly on top. The pre-chorus riff is explosive; the drums and guitar bounce off each other, blending perfectly into the chorus. The chorus utilises the other band members’ backing vocal abilities to weave a powerful harmony.

Tongues drops the pace a step, slowly building with rolling toms and disconnected guitar riffs. Another tremolo section follows before quickly giving way to the chorus. The whole song has a strong melancholic feeling to it. White Water raises the tempo again. The verse has a good backing vocal melody as well as a strong disjointed drum beat, which gives way to quick rolls on the toms leading into a short but powerful chorus. When the chorus returns the second time it is succeeded by an energetic guitar riff that cuts through the song.

Temporary Living sets itself apart from the rest of the EP, with an uplifting guitar riff that is consistent in the feeling it emotes from start to finish. The cymbals sound much brighter and softer. The EP is well composed and in the perfect track order. The Sinking Teeth have created a solid EP that will definitely translate well in live gigs.

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