Review: The Vines | Wicked Nature

Wicked Nature is the sixth LP offering from Australian rock purveyors The Vines. The album clocks in at over 50 minutes spread out over two discs, 22 tracks and features. Opening track and leading single Metal Zone is a crunchy psychedelic track with enough hooks to keep even the easily distracted enthralled. This track really sets the listener up for the rest of the album, a blast of 90’s garage rock unlike any band I’ve heard recently.

Following Metal Zone is Ladybug, which is slightly less focused on hooks but does feature the best hook of the album. The Vines are masters of playing hazy, shaking verses that build into explosive choruses thick with guitar layering and enough distortion to get any 90’s kid feeling 16 again. Anything You Say is a nice pop number that along with 90% of the album, contains distorted guitars. A laidback, almost lazy vocal melody wafts over the instrumental sections of Anything You Say and is a nice touch to round out the track.

Into The Fire is my favourite track from the album, and for good reason. The Vines instantly transport you into the midst of an intricate soundscape you get lost in for the entire song. You can tell when you hear Wicked Nature that each track has effort and emotion poured into it. With their strong garage rock that they are known for, all I can do is wait for their next tour to hear how these tracks translate live.

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